The CFOA Program

Certified Futures and Options Analyst – CFOA®

The CFOA certification is offered by the ICFDT, International Council for Derivative Trading.

The ICFDT is a global initiative by leading industry professionals and institutions from North America, Europe and Asia.  

The CFOA was born to offer a specialized credential for professionals or independent investors in the options and futures markets. It is currently the only certification focused exclusively on financial derivatives.

The CFOA exam/certificate is currently worth $290. 

CFOA Requirements

Candidates must pass the CFOA® exam

Additionally, candidates must have at least one of the following:

  • A university degree in Finance, Business or a related field.
  • At least 2 years of proven experience in options and/or futures trading, either as a professional or as an independent investor.
  • A certificate of completion from an ICFDT authorized course provider.

CFOA Registration

Candidates have two registration routes to choose from:

  • Sponsored by an authorized course provider: An ICFDT authorized course provider can handle your CFOA® exam registration for you if you have successfully completed their course.
  • Self-Study: Candidates who choose to self-study for the exam, can register as an independent candidate. Our Resources page contains links to books and other material that can be useful in test preparing for the test.

As an ICFDT authorized course provider, TrendUp will be covering your $290 CFOA® exam registration as long as you complete L3 successfully. 

Learn more about the CFOA Program here.

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