L2 Course Goal

Help you understand the power of derivatives through option strategies.​

What You’ll Learn

L2 teaches you how to set up and design complex trades adapted specifically to any given situation, allowing you to maximize your profit while limiting your risk. We also discuss how to calculate profit probabilities as well as risk/reward scenarios, thereby allowing you to know how likely you are to make a profit, and how much exactly you stand to gain or lose before putting on a trade. Option strategies will also allow to design direction-neutral strategies so you can profit from the market regardless of stock price direction.

Key Focus Areas 

Discussions for each strategy come with detailed instructions as to when the best time to use it is, how to build it, how to find out your probability of success, and how to manage the trade.
We will also be sharing with you the percentage of success we have had as a fund in using the different strategies, so you can see which have better prospects depending on the observed market conditions.

Option Contracts

Learn what options contracts are, how they are priced, and what their uses are.

Option Pricing and Characteristics

Learn about greeks, deltas, volatility, and time decay.

Directional Derivative Strategies

Learn how to set up bullish or bearish derivative strategies that maximize profit potential while limiting risk and increasing probabilities of success.

Non-Directional (Market-neutral) Derivative Strategies

Learn how to set up derivative strategies that will profit regardless of price direction.

Order Entry and Close

Learn how to gather all the necessary information and set up option strategies on a brokerage platform.

Probabilities of Success

Learn how to calculate, interpret and use probabilities of success in order to deliver superior returns regardless of market condition.

Trade Management

Learn how to keep track of the trade and understand statistical data.

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