L3 Course

*Only available for L2 graduates*

L3 Course Goal

The L3 is the last course of the L-program and is designed to complete your training for a successful entry into the investment world. ​

What You’ll Learn

Key Focus Areas 

Futures Market

Learn what a futures contract is, its main aspects, and how you can successfully operate in the futures market. We will focus on developing futures-specific strategies, such as calendar spreads.

Options on Futures

Learn what options on futures are, their uses, their main strategies, and how they differ from equity options. 

Trade Management

Having an exit strategy and knowing how to fix a position that is going against you is critical and mostly overlooked in Financial education. L3 will walk you through all the steps needed for a successful trade (applicable to equity, option or future positions). It will guide you from order entry to exit, with detailed discussion on how to fix a bad position and manage its risk.

Hedge Funds

Get a detailed account about hedge funds, how they are organized and created, how they make money, how they deal with investors, and how you can become a part of their world.

Hedge Fund Strategy

Discuss the main hedge fund types, their strategies, and how each of the strategies shapes the fund’s style. In order to replicate a hedge fund environment in a synchronous session with our top hedge fund manager, you will be assigned to smaller groups and asked to react to live market events.


Get an overview of the main options and futures concepts seen throughout the L-Courses in order to prepare for a successful result if you choose to take the CFOA.

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