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Selective online investment program and talent pipeline for the hedge fund industry. We empower the bright and passionate to jumpstart their careers and take control of their financial future by learning directly from hedge fund professionals.

The TrendUp Mission

TrendUp Now is the only training program designed and administered by hedge fund professionals. We are a talent pipeline into the hedge fund industry, one of the most competitive sectors to break into.

Started by an international group of young, successful fund managers, TrendUp Now mentors and empowers future generations through cohort-based course offerings, career services, a connection to collaborating hedge funds and more. 

We look for bright, creative and hard-working individuals who want to expand their horizons in Finance and trading. If you are an ambitious individual looking to develop your investing skills and/or to land a job in Finance, we invite you to TrendUp Now.

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How You Can Benefit

Relevant and actionable investment skills

1-on-1 time with hedge fund professionals

Direct assessment of your skill-set and fit

Specialize and prepare for a finance career

Learn from hedge fund professionals

Hedge funds lead the buy-side financial sector. Today, the hedge fund industry is a $3 trillion industry with over 10,000 firms in the US alone. 

By learning directly from hedge fund professionals at TrendUp Now, you not only gain exclusive and advanced knowledge in the field, but also open the door to a highly diverse industry with uncapped compensation.

Relevant and actionable skills

TrendUp Now training programs are based on real hedge fund strategy. You will learn the day-to-day strategies that we implement; how we identify investment opportunities, conduct our analysis, manage our trades, develop our strategies, etc.

These skills are critical for both developing a Finance career and investing on an individual basis, and yet they are seldom taught in universities or other online courses.


1-on-1 time with hedge fund professionals 

TrendUp Now limits cohort sizes so that every participant can get a chance to stand out and connect with hedge fund professionals regardless of background. 

This means you can clarify lesson content, gain specific insights on the markets, receive personalized feedback and advice for a successful career path in Finance.

Direct assessment of your skill-set and fit

Your skills will be directly evaluated by industry experts throughout the course of the TrendUp Now program. We can analyze, rank and develop a profile for you based on proprietary skill and candidate assessments.

This will give you a detailed understanding of not only where you stand, but also where you best fit within the hedge fund/Finance industry.

Specialization and preparation for a finance career 

Hedge fund job applications have a <2% acceptance rate. As a result, you need to be able to stand out from the large pool of qualified applicants.

As industry insiders, TrendUp Now instructors know what hedge funds and other employers in the financial sector are specifically looking for. To prepare you for the competition, we offer specialization programs, candidate analysis, and application prep, on top of potential job connections and experiences with our collaborating hedge funds.

TrendUp Now Offerings 

(Approx. 3 Weeks)

L1 Course

Learn to identify opportunities through the main 4 tools our professionals use at the hedge fund: fundamental, technical, event-driven, and volatility analysis.

(Approx. 4 Weeks)

L2 Course

Learn to significantly increase profits while reducing risk; calculate success probabilities through derivatives and master option strategies.

(Approx. 4 Weeks)

L3 Course

Master our trade management and fund strategy. Learn to manage your trades, react to situations, understand hedge fund strategy as well as the futures market.

(Prerequisite: L2)

*After L3*

CFOA Certificate 

Upon completing all 3 L-courses, you will be awarded the CFOA (Certfied Futures and Options Analyst) certificate issued by ICFDT (worth $290).

*After L3*

Specialization Courses and Assessments 

TrendUp Now offers Specialization courses, job consultancy services, as well as assessments administered by our fund psychologist and performance coach. 

*After L3*

Internship and Job Opportunities

Top-ranked participants may be offered internship/entry-level jobs at our own fund. You may also be invited to perform specific task(s) which, if successful, could increase employability.

Meet One of Our Students, Long Hoang

As part of the L2 course, Long wrote a research article which was then selected to be published on the largest investing community in the world, Seeking Alpha

TrendUp classes were concise but sufficient to train a new analyst. Thanks to the great mentors who understand the participants’ mentality, I learned much more about option trading strategies, technical analysis and specific trading “tips” than in my regular university class. 

Participants also get to practice with a real trading challenge with no personal money down and get to keep the profits made (if any). If the trader is good, this course essentially pays for itself. This is unique point of TrendUp program that other courses don’t neccessarily have.”

– Long Hoang (MFin | University of California)


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Find the success you deserve

Whether you are looking to develop your own investing skills or to land a job in Finance, you deserve to learn from our hedge fund professionals at TrendUp Now.

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