Why TrendUp Now?

How TrendUp Started

TrendUp was started by an international group of young, successful hedge fund professionals with a desire to identify and mentor the best future minds in investing. 

We not only provide intensive investment training, but also serve as a talent pipeline into the hedge fund industry, one of the most competitive sectors to break into (with a <2% acceptance rate). Having started as an in-person program held in multiple countries including the US, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Andorra and Spain, etc., we soon adapted to become an online program through which we can reach and identify talents from even more parts of the world.

If you are an ambitious individual looking to develop your investing skills and/or to land a job in Finance, we invite you to TrendUp Now.

Our Focus

Identify the best

We look for bright passionate people who we believe can excel in the field. While most of our members are university students, the program is open to anyone that fits the profile.

A powerful community

We’re not just a course provider, we treat all our members as partners and believe that by developing a global community of exceptional investors, we can greatly outperform the markets.

high quality training

We offer high-quality training courses designed to develop our members as successful investors. We carefully select the course content to focus on tools and strategies that have been proven to deliver excellent results.

life-long skills

Our program gives our members a solid skill set and relevant experience that not only stay with them throughout their life but can also aid them in landing jobs in related fields.

TrendUp Now Offerings 

(Approx. 3 Weeks)

L1 Course

Learn to identify opportunities through the main 4 tools our professionals use at the hedge fund: fundamental, technical, event-driven, and volatility analysis.

(Approx. 4 Weeks)

L2 Course

Learn to significantly increase profits while reducing risk; calculate success probabilities through derivatives and master option strategies.

(Approx. 4 Weeks)

L3 Course

Master our trade management and fund strategy. Learn to manage your trades, react to situations, understand hedge fund strategy as well as the futures market.

(Prerequisite: L2)

*After L3*

CFOA Certificate 

Upon completing all 3 L-courses, you will be awarded the CFOA (Certfied Futures and Options Analyst) certificate issued by ICFDT (worth $290).

*After L3*

Specialization Courses and Assessments 

TrendUp Now offers Specialization courses, job consultancy services, as well as assessments administered by our fund psychologist and performance coach. 

*After L3*

Internship and Job Opportunities

Top-ranked participants may be offered internship/entry-level jobs at our own fund. You may also be invited to perform specific task(s) which, if successful, could increase employability.

Our L-course (L1/L2) cohorts are currently full or not open right now. Would you like to join our waitlist?

Why TrendUp Now Specifically?

You need knowledge and skills beyond the traditional classroom

The job market and workplace are evolving quickly. Degrees do not matter nearly as much as skills in determining one’s employability. 

TrendUp Now’s three-level selective program is designed to give our participants an extensive knowledge of different investment analysis tools, trading strategies and investment management skills.

Being admitted into TrendUp means we recognize your potential

TrendUp Now is a selective program to which candidates have to apply and be admitted. This means our participants are respected and treated as partners.

TrendUp Now limits cohort sizes so that our instructors recognize each and every participant by name. We make sure our brightest participants get the recognition and opportunities that they deserve.

TrendUp prepares you to beat the competition

If you are looking to enter a hedge fund, it important to be prepared because fund operators look to deliver absolute performance in any type of market. Hedge funds are more competitive and entrepreneurial than asset management firms where a new trader may have time to develop skills.

TrendUp instructors are industry insiders who know what hedge funds and other employers in the financial sector are specifically looking for. We can help you to avoid making costly mistakes and losing your seat. 

Don’t sell yourself short on the opportunities you can get

TrendUp Now offers personality assessments allow us to identify your strengths and help you detect the area(s) in Finance you can most excel in. Our specialization courses help you specialize in a field and become a much more attractive candidate or a more sophisticated investor and trader. 

Throughout the program, we analyze, rank and develop a profile for all participants. Top-ranked participants can get potential job connections and experiences with our collaborating hedge funds.

TrendUp Now Participants Get…

Relevant and actionable investment skills

Our training programs based on real hedge fund strategy will ensure you gain useful skills for both inside and outside your professional career

1-on-1 time with hedge fund professionals

Clarify lesson content, ask questions about the markets, receive personalized feedback and advice for a successful career path

Direct assessment of  skill-set and fit

Know how you are faring in the program, identify your strengths, interests, and the area(s) in Finance you can most excel in

Specialize and prepare for a finance career

Gain insider knowledge of what hedge funds and other employers in the financial sector are specifically looking for


Receive a certificate signed by a hedge fund manager after completing each L-course

Private LinkedIn group

Lifetime access to a community with hedge fund professionals and other peers 

Exclusive tips and content

All L3 graduates will receive customized Linkedin/resume guides from TrendUp


Be empowered with knowledge, skills and a strong community, to find the success that you deserve


TrendUp Finance was an in-person program held in multiple countries including the US, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Andorra and Spain, etc. TrendUp Now is the online version of this same program, through which we can reach and identify talents from even more parts of the world. The rationale for the name TrendUp Now is that you can access learning opportunities here and now.

All programs and courses are designed and led by a hedge fund manager. Other hedge fund professionals (data analysts, fund psychologists, etc.) also play a role throughout the program.

Each L-course (L1, L2 & L3) can be completed in about 2-3 weeks. We typically try to hold the three levels back-to-back so participants can complete them in less than 3 months.

The program is open to anyone who is ambitious and has an interest in Finance and trading. We are looking for bright, creative and hard-working individuals who want to expand their horizons regardless of their career choice. Whether you are looking (i) to develop a career in Finance / the hedge fund industry, or (ii) to learn how to profit from financial markets, you are welcome to apply for the TrendUp Now program.

Absolutely. The reason for shifting this program online lies in our belief that talent is global, so we do not restrict admission based on citizenship or residence. Before this program shifted online, our instructors have also taught participants in the US, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Andorra and Spain. 

This varies depending on the candidate pool in any given cohort. In general, the acceptance rate drops for each subsequent level since participants must pass an exam in order to move on to the next level. Roughly 50% of candidates accepted into L1 will end up completing L3. Candidates who successfully complete L3 will have the opportunity to take the CFOA examination for free, gain access to specialization courses, skills and personality assessments, job consultancy and internship placements, etc.

Hedge funds are notoriously diverse so earnings vary wildly. However, unlike investment banking and other sell-side jobs, pay in hedge funds is generally uncapped. This makes it possible for professionals in the industry to receive bonuses that bring their overall compensation to levels that surpass that of any other job. Junior traders typically earn $300k – $3M per year, and it’s possible to reach these roles in 4 – 8 years. Senior portfolio managers can easily earn over $10m per year. There is high degree of volatility in hedge fund compensation as a significant percentage of this is performance pay.

The CFOA stands for ‘Certified Futures and Options Analyst’ and is awarded by Chicago-based International Council for Derivative Trading (ICFDT).

The goal of this certificate is to offer a specialized credential for professionals or independent investors in the options and futures markets.

Since L2 and L3 expose our candidates to derivative strategies using options and futures, as per the agreement TrendUp has with the ICFDT, all participants in the L3 course have the opportunity to take the CFOA for free at the end of the course. While the CFOA is certainly not as well known as other certificates like the CFA, it is an opportunity for our students to obtain an additional certificate at no cost to them. For TrendUp Now participants at the L3 level, taking the CFOA exam is both free and optional.

Each level is designed to give you critical skills and knowledge about buy-side finance, making you not only a well-informed trader, but also a much more attractive candidate to potential employers if you are seeking a career in Finance.

Since the training you receive at TrendUp is based on the training we give our incoming analysts at our hedge funds, prospective employers would understand that they do not need to spend additional time and money putting you through similar training once they hire you.

Additionally, successful completion of the program allows us to detect your strengths which can lead to potential career opportunities at our own hedge funds or referrals to other companies that could be a good match for you.

University education is based on theory and is generally taught by individuals who, while academically talented, tend to have limited personal experience in investing strategies. TrendUp now is taught by hedge-fund professionals who teach based on the strategies they use in their day-to-day practice. As a result, TrendUp has a much more ‘hands-on’ approach than any university class. This, among other things, allows you to learn real life strategies that you can implement yourself after the course.

TrendUp Now is designed as a talent pipeline for the hedge fund industry, not as an ‘education product’ to sell. As a result, its goal is not to sell the most courses but to identify the best candidates.

It is also the only training program designed by hedge fund professionals. These hedge fund professionals include hedge fund managers who started their own hedge funds and effectively retired in their 20s. While there are many other online courses in Finance, they are not necessarily designed and led by industry experts. In addition, most of them tend to be generic online courses that provide the same basic investment knowledge in a pre-made course.

Comparatively, TrendUp Now provides a personalized experience by tailoring application based work curated from current events being analyzed by hedge-funds. We also have a team of support staff who track and analyze your activity throughout the program, allowing us to identify your strengths and weaknesses, which will be critical when charting your path in the industry.

Yes. Some of our participants simply sign up to learn how hedge fund professionals manage money. You may have a career in Medicine, but you will still need to know how to invest the cash you make from your job.

Developing these skills early will allow you to save thousands of dollars in management fees, and will give you the upper hand when discussing investment opportunities. It can also help you open a door to a professional field that you may want to explore later on in life.


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Find the success you deserve

Whether you are looking to develop your own investing skills or to land a job in Finance, you deserve to learn from our hedge fund professionals at TrendUp Now.

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