Next cohort (Fall'24) start date: September 28, 2024

Our mission is to identify, train, and connect talented individuals to the Investment Finance industry

Our Story

TrendUp was started by an international group of young, successful investment fund professionals with a desire to identify and mentor the best future minds in investing.

We had a vision to not only provide intensive investment training that is lacking in University education, but also build a talent pipeline into the hedge fund industry, one of the most competitive sectors to break into (with a <2% acceptance rate). Having started as an in-person program held in multiple countries including the US, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Andorra and Spain, etc., we soon adapted to become an online program through which we can reach and identify worldwide talent.

If you are an ambitious individual looking to develop your investing skills and/or to land a job in Finance, we invite you to TrendUp Now.


Our Team

Alex Liberfield, CEO

Alex co-founded a hedge fund while still in college at Penn, which eventually grew enough for him to effectively retire in his late 20s. He has then gone on to build and invest in several global businesses in Finance, Real Estate and Education. He currently serves as TrendUp’s CEO and Academic Director, and is in charge of the program’s content and development. Along with other investment fund professionals, he is also the instructor in some of the program’s courses.

maxhepplestone closeup

Max Heppleston, Executive Advisor

Max is Director of the Alternative Asset Management division at a top international recruitment firm. With his expertise in the field, he acts as a TrendUp advisor and helps the program’s participants navigate the job hunting phase.

Headshot of James Clark, TrendUp Now Senior Advisor

James Clark, Senior Advisor

James is TrendUp Finance’s chief senior advisor. With over 30 years experience in buy-side finance, both in investment funds and private equity, James helps the academic team curate the program’s content so it’s always adapted to the market’s ever-changing needs. 

Brian Lantier, Senior Advisor

Brian is TrendUp’s Research and Markets senior advisor. With over 25 years experience in conducting equity research and trading for investment banks, hedge funds and venture capital firms, Brian helps the program participants understand the way the sell-side and buy-side conduct research as well as how the market interprets different economic data, geopolitical events and news.

Headshot of Dr Anna Olson, TrendUp Now Hedge Fund Performance Coach

Dr. Anna Olson, Hedge Fund Performance Coach

Anna brings her experience as a psychologist and performance coach in different investment funds in both New York and Connecticut. She helps assess our top participants and produces a personality report with tailored advice with regards to career paths, as well as an analysis of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in buy-side roles.

Laia Bogaarts, HR Consultant

Laia brings her valuable know-how as an HR recruiter and consultant in the Finance and Tech sectors. She is experienced in identifying top talent across the globe, working for clients in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. She works with TrendUp’s top performers to prepare them for their recruitment rounds, joins in during mock interviews and shares her feedback and insights.

Headshot of Rick Lohner, TrendUp Now Data Analyst

Rick Lohner, Data Analyst

Rick combines his experience in investment fund analyst roles with his passion for data analytics to keep track of our participants’ performance throughout the program. At the end of L3, he produces a report highlighting the candidate’s performance in different key aspects as well as their main strengths and weaknesses. This is then used to decide which participants are offered further opportunities.

Julia Pilka, Project Manager

Julia capitalizes on her knowledge in strategy and business development to drive our expansion and streamline operations. She molds our brand identity and communicates the company’s vision to key audiences. Julia also manages our relationships with collaborators in the Investment Finance sector, maintaining vital connections with principal stakeholders in the industry.

Jacob Graf, Operations Analyst

Jacob leverages his knowledge in Business operations and strategy to help TrendUp run smoothly and meet its operational goals. He handles the company’s relations with partners in the Investment Finance industry and other key stakeholders. He is also in charge of designing and executing corporate outreach strategies.

Jacob Rhodes, Operations Analyst

Jacob brings his experience within management consulting strategy and corporate relations to help expand TrendUp’s global offering. He assists with shaping the company’s brand identity and communicates this to our growing user base. Jacob’s goal is to contribute to improving the accessibility of the Finance industry and is an incoming Summer Analyst at Franklin Templeton.

Support Team

Headshot of Valtteri Salomaki, TrendUp Now Director of Marketing

Valtteri Salomaki, director of marketing

Valtteri is an MBA graduate (Information Systems & Marketing Strategy) from the University of California, Riverside, and the co-founder of Free Logic Media LLC and EDGE Sound Research Inc. He is experienced in strategy, marketing, & data analytics working at ESRI, and currently focuses his time building early-stage startup ventures.

Headshot of Heidi Chen, TrendUp Now Digital Strategist

Heidi Chen, digital strategist

Heidi graduated from the University of California, Riverside, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Information Systems. On top of her 3+ years of experience in marketing, user experience, and web development, she also brings international perspectives and experiences from her hometown, Singapore/South-East Asia.

Campus Ambassadors

Headshot of Luis Tun, TrendUp Now Campus Ambassador

Luis Tun, university of southern california

Luis is a Senior at USC studying Political Science. He’s a first-generation Latino student with interests in social entrepreneurship, social impact, business management, and finance. He aspires to create a non-profit organization that assists students of color to reach higher education. He’s an incoming summer analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Headshot of Ryan Kuriakose, TrendUp Now Ambassador

Ryan Kuriakose, university of california – San diego

Ryan is a Junior pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. As the VP Finance of both Delta Sigma Pi and the Social Entrepreneurship Association, Ryan is an objective and unique thinker, constantly on the lookout for emerging opportunities within the finance industry. 

Headshot of Yong Hao, TrendUp Now Campus Ambassador

Yong Hao, New York university

Yong Hao is a Junior at NYU studying Economics and Business Studies. Driven by his passion for social development issues, he is involved with numerous non-profit organizations and is always in search of tangible solutions. Yong’s goal is to empower students to make positive contributions to the global community.

Headshot of Kevin Zhang, TrendUp Now Campus Ambassador

Kevin Zhang, Boston University

Kevin is a Junior at Boston University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He is incredibly interested in social impact related to business and is always looking to learn and grow as an individual. At BU, he is a peer advisor and a brother in Delta Sigma Pi.

Our Promise


Building A Community

We seek to create an environment of like-minded individuals whose diverse backgrounds and thought patterns foster a community that inspires our members to grow, share, and succeed.


High Quality Training

We offer high-quality training courses designed to develop our members as successful investors. We carefully select the course content to focus on tools and strategies that have been proven to deliver excellent results.

Life-Long Skills

Our program gives our members a solid skill set and relevant experience that not only stays with them throughout their life but can also aid them in landing jobs in related fields such as Consulting, Technology, Real Estate, etc.
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