Next cohort (Fall'24) start date: September 28, 2024

Specialization & Recruitment Program (SRP)

After successfully completing the L3 level, the top program performers are invited to join the Specialization and Recruitment Program (SRP).

The SRP program is designed to help you immediately stand out from other applicants and increase your employment prospects in Finance. It gives you the skills, experience and preparation needed to significantly boost your profile in this extremely competitive field.

Key Features of the SRP

analyst/trader internship

Stand out from the crowd with a 10-week analyst/trader internship with one of our collaborating firms (Hedge funds, private investment companies, family offices). All tasks are designed to build employable skills. Both remote and F2F positions are available, either part-time or full-time.

Personality assessment

Receive a personalized report by a psychologist that specializes in investment performance. Develop your personal strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Determine the career paths that best align with you according to your personality. 

Direct mentoring line

Get assigned to a top hedge fund professional who can make a difference in your professional journey, and even become your advocate. Freely discuss strategy, the markets, your performance, as well as the different opportunities that you can pursue.

References & Recommendations

Have the option of listing a top hedge fund professional as your reference for prospective employers. A powerful testimony by an industry insider who has worked with you and mentored you goes a long way in helping you land positions in Finance. 

Recruitment Consulting

Develop a powerful resume, LinkedIn presence, and cover letter based on our insider knowledge of what employers are looking for. Increase your odds of landing a job through mock interviews with real investment fund professionals. 

Specialized Resources & Materials

Access different specialized materials that will help you develop the skills best aligned with your professional path. These materials will overlap with the tasks that you undertake in your internship, allowing you to apply the concepts to real-life situations.


Many TrendUp participants are either employed or studying full-time. The SRP offers flexible timings and goal-based work, making it fully compatible with your other commitments. 

College Credit, if possible

Since TrendUp combines academic coursework with relevant work experience, you will be able to receive internship credit toward your graduation as long as your college accepts it.

Immediate Start Date

The flexible timings and part-time nature of the SRP mean that it is generally immediately available to you after your L3 graduation. This gives you more time to seek out and engage in other opportunities after the SRP.

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