Next cohort (Fall'24) start date: September 28, 2024

Yanrong Chen

A TrendUp Now 2022 spring/summer cohort graduate, currently working as a business analyst after securing the position upon completion of the program.

Why did you choose to pursue TrendUp’s Program coming from a literature background? 

I chose TrendUp’s Program at a time when I was ready to pivot from a literature background into understanding the market more deeply. What drew me to TrendUp was an ad that seemed to speak directly to me—highlighting qualities like passion, curiosity, and persistence, despite a lack of direct experience. TrendUp stood out as welcoming and accessible, unlike the daunting entry-level job market, offering training, experience, and opportunities tailored for someone looking to make a significant career shift. It felt like TrendUp was crafted for individuals exactly like me, eager to learn and grow in a new field.

You secured a position at one of our partner funds as a part of our SRP program, what insights can you share with us from your experience?

During my time in the program, I dove into a diverse mix of activities, from competing in trading competitions to presenting investment opportunities and authoring research articles. Though the timeframe was short, the intensity of the experience required strong motivation and careful planning. The most significant lesson learned was the critical importance of executing tasks and navigating complex assignments with efficiency. Mastering the coordination of an entire portfolio prior to its presentation was an invaluable skill that I acquired. This memorable experience closely reflects the day-to-day responsibilities I now handle in the industry. I embraced this opportunity wholeheartedly, making the most of each moment to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills. This internship later became a pivotal point in discussions with potential employers, underscoring the practical experience and tangible skills I had developed.

How did the regular interactions with Investment Fund professionals help you break into the wealth management industry?

Interacting regularly with Investment Fund professionals through the program was a game-changer for breaking into the wealth management industry. Before I even finished the program, I started landing interviews, thanks in part to having TrendUp on my resume and earning the CFOA certification. When it came time to applying for jobs,, the professionals I had worked with during my SRP didn’t hesitate to write glowing recommendations for me. Having such strong endorsements from industry insiders is gold for an employer sifting through candidates. I stayed in touch with them for about six months, and our communication was always productive and insightful, ultimately leading to powerful testimonials on my behalf. It’s clear to me now how pivotal these hedge fund professionals were in my early success. 

How likely are you to recommend the course to someone who is trying to break into finance?

If I were to rate my likelihood of recommending this course to someone trying to break into finance on a scale from 1 to 10, it would undoubtedly be a 10—actually, an 11! I’d absolutely recommend TrendUp to anyone aiming to enter the finance sector. The program’s mix of expert mentorship, real-world projects, and the CFOA certification offers a unique and effective learning experience. It’s perfect for gaining the practical skills and industry connections needed to kickstart a career in finance. With its hands-on approach and access to professionals, TrendUp is an invaluable asset for those serious about making their mark in the competitive world of finance. I’m not just likely to recommend it; I’m excited for others to discover its benefits.

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