L1 Fall’20 Cohort Section B Now Open For Applications

Due to the popularity of the L1 Fall’20 program, we are opening up a second section (Section B) that starts on October 10, 2020. To ensure that our current participants receive the hedge fund manager/instructor’s full attention, we will not be admitting any more TrendUp program applicants after Section B until further notice.

L1 Requirements 

We invite any ambitious and hard working individual with an interest in Finance and trading to apply for L1. 

*Please note that the TrendUp L-course program is a three-level selective program where participants will take an exam at the end of each level and move on to the next level only if successful.

Candidates who successfully complete L3 will be able to take the professional CFOA examination for free, gain access to specialization courses, skills and personality assessments, job consultancy and internship or job placements, etc.

Cohort Details 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Only admitted/pre-admitted candidates will receive an invitation to purchase the L1 course and join the TrendUp Now program.

TrendUp heavily subsidizes the program’s tuition to admitted Fall 2020 applicants, so you only need to cover the processing fees of $199.

Section B start date: Saturday, October 10, 2020 PT

L1 Course Goal

The Essential TrendUp Course. The L1 is designed to give you a solid knowledge and skill-base to allow you to make strategic investment decisions

L1 Key Focus Areas 

Quantitative Fundamental Analysis

  • Determine a company’s intrinsic value by analyzing quantitative financial data
  • Learn what to look for in financial statements for quick and effective opportunity identification
  • Interpret stock valuation ratios and stock screening development

Qualitative Fundamental Analysis

  • Analyze a company’s and its products’ qualitative factors
  • Learn about the effects of branding, management, sector, societal trends, business plan, etc. on stock valuation
  • Identify the best investments through business strength analysis

Trading The Markets

  • Learn about financial markets: main elements, types of equities, ETFs & commodities
  • Learn about trading tools: long equity, shorting, derivatives
  • Learn about the types of orders and trading concepts

Technical Analysis 

  • Focus on the analysis of stock price movement, not of the underlying company
  • Predict future price movement based on studying chart patterns and other quantitative data
  • Strategically discuss chart analysis, volume and momentum indicators

Event-Driven Analysis

  • Identify events that can affect a company and its stock price
  • Keep an eye on earnings reports, M&As, news stories, insider transactions, scandals, macroeconomic issues, political changes, etc.
  • Develop trade strategy through variable event inputs

Volatility Analysis 

  • Analyze the magnitude of stock movements beyond the direction of the stock price
  • Take advantage of statistical mean-reversion to develop direction-neutral trades and increase trading success
  • Develop non-directional trade strategy

Investment Strategy 

  • Strategically use the four schools of analysis for trade development
  • Learn about portfolio allocation and hedge fund strategy
  • Leverage tools such as debt, margin and derivatives

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